Dear Visitor,

Your anticipated co-operation with the following is greatly appreciated.

Aside from Exhibitor stock – NO books, photographs, maps, ephemera, or any similar items are to be brought into Heritage Hall.

The Exhibitors are buying.   If you have any books, photographs, maps or ephemera etc. to discuss, or to sell, contact an Exhibitor in the weeks preceding VrbppShow to arrange an appointment outside of show hours.   If you’re not sure as to which Exhibitor to contact, send a note to and we’ll have the best suited Exhibitor get in touch.

For security reasons – NO overcoats, raincoats, heavy jackets, backpacks, shopping bags or general run-of-the-mill bags are allowed into VrbppShow.   These items can be checked (free of charge) upon entry.

Only handbags (remember – small handbags always look very chic) and slim briefcases are allowed into VrbppShow; on entry and exit, as a security precaution, organizers reserve the right to inspect handbags and briefcases.

All purchases will be placed into a VrbppShow bag and sealed with a security sticker.   Upon exit these bags will be checked by security.